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KeKe Palmer is literally the true definition of a go getter. She doesn’t stop and she keeps us on our toes daily. KeKe has evolved into such an astonishing woman. Never afraid to try new things and go for after whatever she aspires to be. She’s growing and learning from all of her past and present opportunities but more so on my topic of discussion is her sense of fashion. Sometimes I go on SnapChat for a good dose of KeKe inspiration because if y’all didn’t know… that girl can talk lol but she’s young and wise. Any who I love watching her snaps just to see how she’s wearing her hair for the day. Then I go to Instagram to get a glimpse of her full body #ootd and gag. I’m just going to sprinkle a little bit of her Street Style up and down this post…Enjoy!

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Photo Credit : Laurennnn Palmer


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