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Perfection is a disease of the nation” –Beyonce Knowles Carter

Yesterday I woke up, opened my eyes and immediately I felt slightly defeated. I rolled out of bed, walked into the bathroom and stepped on the scale only to look down and see that I literally gained all my weight back. Over the past 2 months I’ve completely done a 180 with eating clean versus eating unclean therefore I simply don’t understand why my pounds won’t shed, and just like that, I’m depressed.

I seldom get this uneasy feeling of repetition and it makes me feel like I’m not progressing. How does one become stable yet not repetitive? My best friend basically said that I’m not made for the white collar world, she feels I have too many entrepreneur and leadership traits to comply with rules and regulations of someone else’s dreams. Hmmmm let that sink in.  Again, she feels I have too many entrepreneur and leadership traits to comply with rules and regulations of someone else’s dreams. Interesting….

Ok so here’s the plan. I’m turning all notifications off for the next few days. Many times social media has encrypted my mind into feeling like I’m not enough or I simply haven’t done enough. I need a few days to focus on myself and my craft.  I have so many forms of creative content and a lot of my projects are unfinished due to losing inspiration. I noticed that currently money is my only form of motivation and this has really clouted my thoughts. I feel like without it I’m stuck. I can’t move. I feel uncomfortable and nothing is productive. I know for sure that if I’m working solely for money that I’ll never be happy. Happiness is my ending goal therefore I cannot let this settle.

If you have any ideas, tips, or tricks for self motivating an uninspired mind please leave a comment below!

-Sandrea Lanay


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    June 2, 2016

    I’m glad u r stil on ur journey of self loving and self cleansing…plz don’t feel discourage or nothing keep ur eyes on da bigger goals… when one door closes 55 more open. Dat scale u stepped on was a figment of ur imagination and it made u go bak 2 da drawing board bak 2 square 1…wen in actuality u don’t belong n no square. U more of a social adventurous fre spirit who realizes money can’t by happiness. It completes u for da time b n however doin wat u love is a bigger pay check. U hav ben there for me on so many occasions its only rite I giv u sum of dat encouragement u gav me a few months bak. Ur future is so bright dat u better wear shades da nex time u weigh ur self…

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