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IMG_4440I first spotted Nikki one day laying around searching for pregnancy announcements on Youtube. I remember her skin being so beautiful and dark chocolate with such an amazing glow. Her Australian accent was so soft and nervous sounding as she spoke about her new found pregnancy. By 5:45 minutes into this video I was all tears crying right with Nikki. She has now confirmed she is 2-3 weeks pregnant and its all waterworks. Just when I thought the best part was done, nope, now its time to tell her husband whose birthday just so happened to be a few days later. (Perfect gift) Nikki set up balloons with cute little messages on them all leading to the last message which was the pregnancy sticks inserted in a birthday card. Ok guys, by 8:53 I’m balling like I’ve known these two forever. I’m crying right with them! I know some of my readers who have seen this video before are like Yassss! (Those who haven’t watched it…your welcome. (Go check it out!) ) At this point the video is over but I didn’t want it to be over. I wanted more! Oh how lucky I felt to have found this new family YouTube channel of the sweetest most genuine young married couple. I had now discovered that Nikki was an Australian model who’s beauty shine with or without hair and makeup. I was intrigued by her humble yet silly personality that meshed so well with Jamie (her husband). Needless to say her channel features anything from modern interior design to fashion, hair, and makeup. That’s our common interest and that’s some of what draws me to watch her weekly. Today, Nikki is now the hottest mom on YouTube.IMG_4442 She gave birth to a beautiful, happy baby girl naming her Ava Sarah Perkins. I will continue to follow Nikki and her family as they vlog their lives and keep us updated with how they are utilizing their Youtube platform to document their journey through life. I remember Nikki once saying she woudn’t go back to modeling but I hope she changes her mind because post-baby she still slays. I wish Nikki and Jamie well wishes with the start of their new journey of parenthood. May Nikki continue to slay through motherhood and keep us on our toes? I believe she will. Follow her! @jamieandniks


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