I’m Done Blogging…

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Being a lifestyle blogger is becoming rather difficult for me now. I’ve always been inspired by my emotions, and I use my blog as a diary in a sense. I like to release all of my thoughts onto screen, read them out loud and then say “Yea, that’s exactly how I feel.” and then I like to watch others read my pieces and once I notice they also feel similar or go threw things similar to me, I feel better. Blogging gives me a comfort feeling of just knowing I am not alone.

Writing is becoming a challenge. I no longer hurt anymore. I’m not in pain anymore. I feel no sorrow, and I understand that I’m not a completely screwed up woman. I’ve learned how to forgive. By me using hurt and pain all my years of blogging as a tool of inspiration, I’ve limited myself to so many endless possibilities. Now that I understand soulmates can be seasonal, I tackle life and relationships differently. I understand that some people are around to help you grow and whether or not they last, I’m sure you’ve learned something from the experiences.

So is this the end? Am I done blogging?

Maybe this is just the beginning of me starting a new chapter of life. Finding a new niche isn’t such a bad idea. Narrow my subjects down a little bit. Get rid of all of those damn categories in my menu and just being straight forward.

So what should I write about? Should I blog or should I start freelance writing? Today social media has kind of made me hate the word blog a lot. Bloggers ESPECIALLY celebrity bloggers have created such a malicious way about how they report information. Half of them could care less about if the information they’re providing is 100% true about the people they write about. (But that’s a whole other blog topic that can be discussed).

So, do I need assignments given to me in order to truly thrive or am I creative enough to make it all happen myself? I’ve come this far, I can’t just stop right? I need to learn new ways of finding inspiration…



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