It’s Not About Making It, It’s About Maintaining It

Blog | January 17, 2016 | By

I heard a word the other day that my mind really took a grasp on. Ming Lee of the Snob Life brand woke up to Snap Chat with some words of wisdom. She spoke about how there are levels to this entrepreneurship lifestyle. The first level being trapping. You trap to make ends meet but to also showcase your talent by working hard bringing your vision to life. People will start seeing your grind and they’ll start wanting to hear more about what you have to offer, believing in you. When you open the eyes of the investors, its time to transform from growing to maintaining. She said, in order to move in this business you have to understand the difference between  growing your business and maintaining your business. You can’t trap all your life, this is when you expand. She then briefly talked about how she then built her Snob Life team. Growing a team will help grow your business while you, the creator can focus on maintaining the brand and expanding what you offer. I respect Ming on so many levels simply because I’ve watched her grow. I remember her from the Pronto Weave videos on YouTube. I’ve watched her grow into an amazing black women who’s a true BOSS.



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