Can Money Buy You Happiness?

Blog | January 4, 2016 | By

Yes. Currently in my financial state, money can surely buy me happiness.  I know that the happiness it will bring may fade rather quickly but today, the Americanized women in me strongly believes money can save my days.

Now I’m not saying that with money there won’t come problems. I am a firm believer of Biggie Smalls “Mo money Mo Problems” philosophy, however I can think of so many people who would also be quite stimulated at the idea of me being able to pay them properly….NAVIENT.

People with money aren’t half as afraid of getting pregnant as my poor ass. I’ve been with guys in my past where the discussions of starting a family would surface and all I could think about was if they were to leave me, then I’d be stuck poor with a child who damn sure didn’t ask to be born to suffer.

Again, money isn’t everything, but it damn sure would cure a lot of my daily demons. This is why I currently work so hard. I mean I’m literally sitting here at work, signed up for evening overtime with stomach pains that have been ruining my life for damn near a week. Over the weekend I’d asked this guy I assumed actually cared for me to take me to Urgent Care, his reply was so heartless and selfish that I couldn’t find the strength in me to reply back with anger, but that’s another story for another day. The grind is real out here. If right now money is your current goal, don’t be greedy but work smart for what you want.

-Sandrea Lanay


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