Top 10 Questions I have for Men

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I have the coolest friend ever for completely answering these questions for me on the spot. I had originally thought of asking someone else to answer them but I stepped out of the box and went with someone who’s a little more honest with me…enjoy!


  1. What makes a women dateable?

Sounds cliche but personality, someone who I can kick it with, talk and laugh about any/everything. I’m also a sucker for a natural beauty.


  1. If we have sex on the first night, am I your own personal thot?

No not to me there isn’t a standard time on when or when not to do it.


  1. Can a women’s job/career make her intimidating to date?

Nah what a woman does or makes doesn’t change the fact that I’m a man, but if it changes her behavior toward me then I might chill on her.


  1. How does the inside of the vagina feel?

Euphoric, heavenly probably what heroin feels like lol.


  1. If you could choose between a lifetime supply of daily head or home cooked dinner which one would you choose?

Head I know how to cook, plus I’m a picky eater lol.


  1. Have you ever cheated? If yes, why?

Yes I was younger didn’t quite understand monogamy or appreciate the concept.

grow up

  1. At what age do most men want to settle down and be monogamous?

I’ll say about 25.


  1. Should selfie videos of women blasting music in the background while making different facial expressions for 15 seconds be extinct?



  1. Do you ever find yourself stalking women social media accounts?

No might find something I don’t like.


  1. Who do men turn to for relationship advice?

Close female friends I trust their logic and my cousins girlfriends or my best friend wife.


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