2016 Financial Planning

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Well hello there on this nice confused weathered ass Tuesday warm winter day. As the new year approaches, I’m buckling down on updating my financial planning, budgeting, and goals for the 2016 year. Budgeting and saving is something I’m really training myself to master. I’ve established a  worksheet to help me keep track of my bills and due dates and also to keep track of my savings.

Something new that I’ve done to better discipline myself and manage my savings better is opening up an entirely different bank account and having my direct deposit adjusted to transfer an allotted amount into this savings account bi-weekly. With this additional bank account, I made sure the branch wasn’t as easily accessible to reach and I cut up the actual ATM cards assigned so that I cannot touch the money.

Another good tip is to set up autopay for your essential bills like mortgage/rent,  auto loan payments, auto insurance, gas & electric, and water.

Please fill free to email me with any questions you have (Sandrealanay@gmail.com) and I’ll be sure to email you back with more tips and tricks! 🙂

Monthly Budget Worksheet


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