New Eyes

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Soooooooo I went to go see Monica last night at the Fillmore. Why would she make me cry? I mean I wasn’t deadly crying, I held it in for as long as I could! Lol it was such an amazing show. Love her. So this is the first week of my new dieting and healthy lifestyle. I think this is actually going to work. I’m mentally prepared now. This guy told me I was crazy the other day. He said “I just don’t see why y’all don’t see how we do!” I told him its cool that he doesn’t see what I see but when I snatch back and start looking like her lol, I don’t want to hear “Ahhh I see I see.“. I’m going to open up some new eyes, watch….

“Sandrea Lanay?  Nice to meet you. So tell me Ms. Sandrea, what do you want out of life? What could a man like me give you that would ultimately satisfy your wants and needs?” and after I smile and laugh a little I’ll say…

Hmmm. I want to be great in all aspects of my life. Like, and If I want to be great I have to stay happy. If you could make me happy, personally give me happiness. God came thru” lol and thats all she wrote.



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