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In 2007, I enrolled as an undergrad Freshwomen at Bennett College for Women in Greensboro, NC. Attending this all women’s college really instilled the importance of how a strong sisterhood can be part of the backbone of your life at all times. In life we meet an abundance of diverse people. With some you’ll build great memories with and then you’ll both grow apart. While others, you’ll build such an amazing bond that you become inseparable regardless of how many miles are in between you.

Regardless of where I stand currently with anyone who I’ve ever built a friendship with, past or present, I appreciate the memories we’ve created together. I’m thankful for you. When you find yourself and truly understand how life works, you’ll understand that life isn’t promised tomorrow. You’ll also understand that with growth there comes change. It’s not a bad thing to change and it’s not a bad thing to depart and move on….it’s apart of the course existence.

Two weeks ago I hosted a Girls Talk Sleepover at my home. I created a few activities, some I forgot to implement but we had a great night full of laughing, crying, and uplifting. With growth sometimes we get so focused in our life goals and plans that we alienate ourselves from the real world. We think its what we need to focus on the prize. It’s actually exactly what we don’t need. I’m strongly considering putting more thought into creating an annual Girl Talk Sleepover/Retreat for women all over! I want us to be able to come together to uplift and inspire one another. I want us to be able to come together and work towards building an awesome future especially for black women in America. They say teamwork makes the dream work.

-Sandrea Lanay

Take a look at some footage I put together from our Girl Talk Sleepover


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