HOW TO: Approach Three Types of Guys

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So I’m sure the title of this blog has acquiring minds wondering hmmmm three types huh? Well let me explain judging from my dating experiences. There are three different types of guys you could possibly be interested in. Guy #1 the “uninterested” looking guy who clearly knows you exist but he’s never made a move on you so you either think he’s shy or simply uninterested.  Then you have Guy #2, the exact opposite of Guy #1. He will full on show some sort of interest in you yet he’s never crossed those lines with you. Then you have Guy #3, this guy has no clue that you even exist. Kind of like a lot of these man crush Mondays I see posted up on Instagram. Ops!


Ok! Before proceeding to read, you have to become ok with rejection. There is a possibility that this guy just isn’t quite into you, but that’s ok! There’s plenty of meat for everyone! Carry on.


Approaching Guy #1

So with Guy #1, more than likely he’s not aware of your interest in him. Most women pretty much give what they get when it comes to new friendships. So if the conversations stay pretty mediocre between you two, I would suggest sparking up something simple in your next conversation. Don’t say too much because you may overwhelm him and become intimidating which can be a turnoff. A simple, “So what’s your relationship status?” with a cute little smirk is all it takes to get the answers you need to approach your guy further. Once his status is released the hardest part is over. If he’s taken, LEAVE HIM ALONE! If he’s available, follow up and say “We should go out sometime…” and let him take it from there. If he can’t and he still acts weird, that’s because he is. He’s a weirdo, leave his ass alone too.


Approaching Guy #2

Guy #2 (in your opinion) shows interest in you. However, he’s never made a pass on you so you’re confused yet ready to explore what he may have to offer. Alot of times men are just natural flirts, so he may not be interested yet, he simply has a flirtatous personality. With him, you just have to take control of the next encounter between you too. Ask him, “So, what’s up? Are you going to ask me out or just keep flirting with me like an ongoing creep?” No, you don’t have to be as blunt or silly as me but you should find a way within your personality to express your fully aware of his potential interest in you and you may have the same agenda he has; you both may be great assets to each other’s life. Go for it! Remember this, all a guy needs is a small hint of your interest in him. If he’s a real man, he’ll take over once you say your piece, everything will become natural.


Approaching Guy #3

Ok these are the ones I love. Someone who you’ve seen around, you’ve even snooped around trying to get as much information about this guy, but he has no idea who you are. You may have a few mutual friends so you may see him at functions and events but you’ve never been introduced. Or, you may cross paths daily because of work or school. These are the types of situations you want to get creative yet keep it simple. If you have mutual friends you could have them introduce you. If you follow him on Instagram or Facebook direct message him. If you’re feeling bold, you can initiate an approach as well. If you see him often yet you know very little about him, I’m almost 90% positive that he’s recognized you as well. So just jump out there. Start with “Hey! I’m _______. I’ve seen you around and I’ve grown a slight attraction to you.” That’s it, that’s all. Let him take it from there. If he’s interested he will pursue you further and you will exchange numbers. Remember, there could be a possibility that he’s taken, so be careful of your facial expressions taking in all information from your conversation.  If he’s taken, end the conversation like a true dignified women and simply say “Well it was a pleasure to meet you” and walk away.


I really hope my tips can help someone out! As long as you’re confident with yourself, you should have no problems seeking want you want out of life. Men included.


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