Dear Young Black Men

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Dear Young Black Men,

I see you trying every day, searching for your purpose. I see you aiming to fill that void in your eyes of hunger. Hungry for a chance at life. I’m sorry that you don’t have the correct positive influential men to surround and uplift you as you may need some times but I want to let you know that whatever resources you think need to help you achieve in life, it all begins within yourself. Believe it first, and then seek to achieve it.

Living or should I say surviving as a young black man in America today is one of the scariest experiences in my opinion and I’m only observing on the outside. I pray for all of the men in my life daily because I know that society is out here to try to eliminate you. What I’ve learned as a young black women is that when your surroundings aren’t reflecting what you’d like to project from yourself, you have to start making changes. Change the way you think, change where you obtain information, research “The Greats” those being whoever you feel is appreciating life and the gifts they’re blessed with to survive. Those who are successful by projecting hard work and dedication. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Growing up in black homes, children get punished for asking too many questions. Uneducated parents result in frustration when their children ask simple questions they should already know the answers too. It’s almost like asking questions in the black communities are frowned upon. Stop being so damn nosey they say…… Kids then get punished when they enter school because they don’t participate and ask questions in class. It’s like we can’t win right? Nahh we can, we just need to focus and stick together.

Young black men, kill the stereotypes! Prove these muthafuckas wrong! I admire the strength, the grind, the hunger, and the fight each and every one of you possess. Use it to your advantage! Stop looking at each other as the enemy. Work together because team work will truly make the dreams work. Please, us young black women, we need you. Stay alive.

-Sandrea Lanay


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    Carl (CBColdBeast)Young
    April 8, 2015

    I appreciate u for this message ms, and agree with everything you said .

    Thank you

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