How To: Become One With Your Sex Partner

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“Got that super soaker pussy pop like Coca Cola plus it’s tighter than a choker got him smiling like the joker…”

-Nicki Minaj 

Sex can be very complicated and awkward for some, yet very simple, rewarding, and easy to achieve for others. It’s all up to you. Myself along with a few girlfriends have collaborated a few tips and tricks that may help a person in need of spicing up the bedroom a little. Enjoy!

1. Porn! Porn can help you reach the freak inside of you. It can also show you the correct way to use certain positions.


2. Mirrors. Lol this is one of my newest more so tip than trick that’s been around for years and it recently became beneficial for myself. I placed a mirror on my wall that serves as my morning outfit check mirror but it’s also conveniently placed in a spot where I can watch myself ride my partner. If I feel like the motion of the ocean isn’t flowing like it should, I’ll look in the mirror (without being obvious of course lol) and watch myself. Once I see what I’m doing I can fix it.

3. Oral Sex. You honestly have to become one with the penis/pussy. If you don’t build a trustful bond with it, you won’t feel confortable performing. Also, get messy and sloppy with it.


4. Dirty Talk. I’m not a fan and my partner is very aware of this lol but it works for some!


5. 69. A lot of people talk about this position but they never actually use it. I use it occasionally and it never fails!


6. Stop having random sex partners. First, it’s not safe. And last, you want to truly be able to connect with your partner. You should know every spot your partner loves to be touched and kissed.


7. Establish Passion. This tip only works for people who don’t latch. Creating heated intensity will arouse you both, leading you to cum at the same time. That’s alway rare and fun.


8. Make it last! Nobody likes a quick pumper. If you feel him getting too off track, slow down the pace and take control for a little bit.


9. Take Control! Get on top and do your thing. Here’s this trick my friend shared that I want to try;

“Split your pointer and middle finger between his dick during missionary. This stimulates him and you because your low key playing with your clit too…”


10. Have Fun and Enjoy it!


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