Asset vs Liability 

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Back when I was enrolled in undergrad, I took an Introduction to Accounting course and I’m sure I failed that class (taken at two different institutions) about three times. I didn’t get it, don’t judge me, playas fuck up too sometimes. I mean, I’m sure I could pass but my heart and soul was just not into Accounting. One thing I did grasp from the course was how to determine what’s an asset and what’s a liability. I think anything you learn within a classroom, and can actually take outside of the classroom to approach to real life, is all that matters. 

I read my horoscope the other day and it told me I was to most likely fall in love with someone I met back in 2014. I don’t believe it not one bit buttttt when determining my next potential companion I’m defiantly going to take my time processing his application. First thing on my list, does he have a relationship with God? I’m not asking you to be holy and sanctified but I must be with a man who knows God and has distinguished that bond with Christ. Second, he has to genuinely respect me and be able to fully connect with me. I can tell when someone is being nice or staying within a certain lane to get what they want. I currently see a man who “thinks” he’s on top of his game however I’ve been two steps ahead of him since Day 1. He’s green and doesn’t even know it, but I only treat him the way I do because he isn’t genuine. I’m sure he’s the one for someone out in the world but him and I are completely opposite with no common interest. Oh one common interest, sex. Third on my list, will you be more of an asset or a liability to my life? I want to enter a relationship with someone who I feel will make me greater than what I already am. I want someone I can grow and expand life with. Someone who’s bringing steak to the table because I’ve already picked up the lobster. I’m so over and done with penniless men with no ambition to even consider striving for anything. It’s entirely too draining and my mother did not name me Wonder Woman therefore I cannot save any man. It’s hard falling in love with a great personality attached to a history of unstableness and unfinished business. I know, I’ve been there too many times before but at some point you have to step back and look at yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself, who’s the real priority. Being with a helpless man is like being stranded on an Island with a winning lottery ticket. Doesn’t make sense right? Right. 

-Sandrea Lanay

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