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Keep trying. How many times have you heard that? Keep trying. You can do it. Don’t give up. Never give up. How effective are those phrases when your mind is in a state of weakness? What have you found to be your greatest motivation and inspiration thus far? Think about it. Honestly, stop reading right here and think about it…….

One of my biggest values in life is family. Both my mother and father sides of the family hold a pretty tight grip on bonds and valuing the importance of sticking by our family. The biggest thing I look forward to today is having a family of my own. I aspire to have a solid household established and created by me. That’s something that motivates me day to day.

My Self-Love journey is approaching a year pretty soon. All I can say is this first year wasn’t easy but it was one of the best years of my life. I studied, I learned, I approached and I thrived. Every day I prosper to be better than yesterday. I’m learning that in order for me to gain the focus I’m searching for within myself, I have to narrow-mind myself. What I also learned was not to more so concentrate on the ending results but to center myself on what it will take for me to achieve them. I’m still promoting the act of thinking different. Steve Jobs said it best!

-Sandrea Lanay


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