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For the past week every day I’ve been meditating, breathing deeply inhale…. hold for 5 seconds….. and slowly exhale. Reach into your mind and think different, in your soul and feel different, and in your body and breathe different. Again.

I’m not really sure where to go from here. There’s a problem that I’ve come to face and it’s huge. I’m a big thinker. I’m always thinking of different ideas, discovering new talents and new grown interest within myself. This reminds me of how young and energized my brain is and also how many opportunities I’d have if I correctly applied myself. Growing up I’ve always searched for guidance within other people. I’ve always tried to find that one grown up who I could look at and admire. I felt the need to seek motivation from another adult who’s been places. Well, that’s ship sank before it ever sailed. By the time I could surround myself with the individuals I had been searching for going on so many years, I’d already developed into the woman I am today. Now, I’m not saying I don’t have room to grow. My point is, stop looking for something you’re missing within yourself out of someone else. I hope that makes sense. Stop yearning for reassurance from others, you are the only one who knows what’s good for you. I am the only one who can test and judge my strengths at their lowest and highest points. Stay humbled and simply focus.

– Sandrea Lanay


I know my blogs are still linked to my social media accounts however, I’ve still been going strong for Lent and I have not visited one social media account. If you need to contact me please call, text or email me at

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