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“Meet me at the Ritz Carlton downtown on 22nd Street. Access to the Presedential Suite will be waiting for you with Jessica at the front desk…be there at 7pm. Oh and no questions please, Thank You” Send.

I’ve been planing this day over and over in my head and today is finally the day. I want this man to myself, always and forever. I appreciate his presence and my life is becoming irrelevant when he’s not involved. I know that creating a team with him will be most essential to us both.

I took off today. I woke up, cooked a spinach omelet and topped it off with some kush and orange juice. Its now time to pack. I picked up some candles, bath salts, shea butter and my favorite bottle of wine, Malle Point; Merlot. I also picked up the sexiest black lingerie two piece number that I can’t wait to throw on….

Ahhhh bitch you outdid yourself with this one! This room is fabulous! It’s almost showtime! The caterer is here placing dinner on the table, the candles are lit in all the right places, the jacuzzi is filled with bath salts, shea butter, and bubble bath, I look good as shit and my pussy is legit ready for penis. I hear the front door open…

He found me in the living room overlooking our City. All smiles, “Whats Up?” seeing him smile automatically puts a smile on my face. “Hey….” he then asked (because thats just him lol) “So whats this all about?” I simply reply saying “I’d rather show you than tell you… follow me.” I led him to the dining room of the suite, “First, I’d like to thank you for actually meeting me here and not asking any questions until you got here, haha thank you for that. Secondly, I’d like to pray with you….” I grabbed both of his hands “God, thank you for this day, thank you for this amazing dish specially prepared for us tonight and last but not least thank you for blessing my life with the existence of this man I stare at tonight..” we both join in sync saying “Amen”.

As we sit and eat, it kind of gets awkward as I notice he’s looking completely confused and probably wondering why we’re here tonight, he then breaks the silence “I mean damn I know you’re spontaneous and shit but you got me good with this one, I’m not complaining, I’m going to simply enjoy this moment with you. Thank you….Toast to you!”

As the night continues and dessert is finished I asked him if he wanted to go swimming or if he’d rather relax in the jacuzzi in the next room of our suite…. Jacuzzi it is then! As I ran the water and cut on the jets I walked back into the room and watched him undress. He smirked “Why do you always watch me undress man? ” I replied “I like watching you get naked and vulnerable for me, it turns me on….” I walked over into his personal space, pushed him on the bed and sang “Your always on the top… Tonight your on the bottom because we trading places….”

That quickie is just what we needed to start a great night, we entered the bath I’d drawn for us and sat in silence laying in each other’s arms. I began to wash him up, lathering each inch of his body with soap. He then turn me around and started to deep tissue massage my shoulders, then his hands slowly moved down to my lower back and they began to work.

After that amazing relaxation break I told him to go in the closet and put on the outfit I picked out for him. I slipped on a white form fitting dress and some white pumps as he put on the casual pants and shirt I found at AX earlier that day. We headed out to the bar across the street, as we walked into the elevator I asked him “Are you ready to celebrate tonight?” He then followed up with “What are we celebrating?” I had the most “fake” disturbed look on my face “So you didn’t read my latest blog I posted earlier today?” He smiled with the guiltiest face, then pulled out his phone. He pulled up my website and read my post that I’d published 3 minutes ago entitled “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” When he looked up at me as I held in my hand the most gorgeous ring for him. The expression he gave me was one of a kind. He walked over to me pressing me against the wall kissing me like he’d never see me again. He said yes! We walked over to the bar and needless to say we killed all patron shots this night.

The next morning I woke up to this beautiful body laying beside me. My fiancé. I smiled and crawled into his arms falling back asleep.

– Sandrea Lanay


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