My Dearest Darling

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December 25th, 2012

To My Dearest Darling,

I wouldn’t have ever imagined in my many years that I’d be sitting here alone thinking about why you had to leave me so soon. I have always hated sayings like “The good die young”. No explanation provided could make me understand why I can’t hold you right now.

I remember when I first laid eyes on you, thinking about that moment instantly puts a smile on my face. You were working as a receptionist at my Credit Union. I use to see you every Friday when I came in to make deposits. Every Friday afternoon I’d walk in, you’d smile and say “Good Afternoon Mr. Grant” and I’d always smile but insist on you simply calling me James. “It’s just James, Good Afternoon Desiree”. One day I needed to receive a replacement card, I got the pleasure of picking your brain for the first time. I thought to myself, in this ten minutes it takes her to create my card, I have to ask her out, she’s the one for me. I just knew it.

20 years and 3 beautiful children later, I have the pleasure of calling you my wife. I’ve had the most amazing time with your presence in my world, or shall I say I’m beyond grateful for you to have allowed me to invade your world. We’ve fussed and we’ve fought just like any ordinary relationship but what I think made us as strong as we stood was our ability to understand each other’s essential needs to feel loved. I’m so grateful to have endless memories of all of the perfect moments we’ve made. We’ve explored each other’s perimeters of imagination, and most important, we’ve raised 3 intelligent, independent, gorgeous children.

My darling I miss you all the time, every minute, every second of my days now. I need you. I want you. I don’t understand how my life is operating now that the captain of my ship has sailed away to never return. Tonight as I lay down to attempt to get some rest, my darling please visit me, come and hold me. I need to understand that you’re still around. I need you to let me know that everything will be ok. I need you to do this for me my darling Desiree.

Sleep Peaceful,

James Grant

-Sandrea Lanay


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