A Ghetto Girl’s View of Love.

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I love my man. My A1 since day 1. I mean, I know every girl who’s in love say they love they man but no. No, I really love my man. My man takes care of me, I wish a nigga would think he’ll ever have a chance with me. Don’t let my man find out, my man loves me, he rides for me, hell he’d die for me! I’m Shantel by the way, but they all call me Tiny.

Everybody knew about me and DJ so for any bitch to ever come at me sideways when it comes to him was a bold muthafucker. There was this new chick who moved a few buildings down from me. She had all the guys in the neighborhood watching her work. That bitch moved in the apartment right next to the Laundry Room, she was the only child, already 18 and her mother worked the night shift at Children’s Hospital so she was never home at the right time! Lucky cunt! Anyways, I found out her name was Mauni….yes it’s pronounced Money. One day, word on the street was that Maunie planned a game night at her house Friday after school. Me and my best friend Porsche was not about to be all up in the new bitch house, until my man brought it up after 4th period. Oh word, Porsche we in there.

So we all rolled to Porsche’s house right after school because she could have boys allowed over and her mom was pregnant so she made us all bomb snacks after school. Every now and then her mom use to remind us of how proud of us she was. She once said she never made it pass the 8th grade so to see us about to graduate High School was a success in her eyes. Porsche’s mom is like an aunt to me, her and my mom use to work at the Beauty Supply Store up the street on MLK together growing up, they became best friends. They use to slay each other’s hair and go to all the hottest parties shining like gold. I guess no one believed in birth control back then because they both were pregnant with Porsche and I at the same time. Me and my girl are 2 months apart. Sisters for life! Anyways back to the story, so we chilling at Porsche’s house with Elijah (Porsche’s man) and Lincoln (our smart ass friend). DJ said he’d come over us after basketball practice. Now typically, I’d be at basketball practice, sitting in the bleachers waiting for him but today I walked home with the crew.

The sun was starting to set, which met DJ should have been knocking on the door pretty soon. We all just chilled, listening to the new PPB mixtape, drinking four lokos when my cell phone rang. I saw it was DJ, he typically called and then hung-up when he knew I was in the house so he wouldn’t waste any outgoing call minutes. I searched for Porsche’s house phone and called him… “Babe what’s up?…. Where you at?….. Ummm what the fuck?….. Why? …… I’m just asking you a fucking question why you raising your voice!?…. Ok fine….bye” He hung up. He said he’d meet us there instead of coming over first, what the fuck is going on here….umkay.

So we walk up to Mauni’s place and I’m already tipsy, and a little irritated with DJ for just trying me over the phone, so I’m just really not feeling the night any longer. We walk in the house and this bitch had on a pink skin tight bodycon dress and some pink furry slippers. I wish I could have been that fly on the wall that caught a glimpse of my damn facial expression when I first saw her. I see what type of games she trying to play. I already can see what type of night this is about to be and I want to end it early just to kill any drama coming by way. One second though, where’s DJ? I called him thinking he better pick up because incoming calls are free nigga! No answer. I’m gone. I don’t have time for this shit.

As I’m leaving out the building I see DJ walking in with Kesha, the captain of the cheerleading squad. I mean, me and Kesha on speaking terms or whatever but everybody know that DJ is my man. This situation just don’t look too cool but I’m a let it ride, I know my man loves me. Kesha continued to walk into the house as DJ just stood in the hallway of the building…. “So what the fuck was that all about?” lol yall know I had to ask. “Man Tiny don’t start that shit man, not tonight!” See one thing I don’t understand is why niggas put themselves in the dumbest situations and then when they get caught they just stand there looking dumb with the “I eat ass” face. Whatever, I love him so I’ll choose my battles wisely.

We go into the party and the present game that was being played was truth or dare. I went to the kitchen which was only two feet away, all I had to do was make a damn 180 degree turn and BOOM, in my damn face, the kitchen. Who am I to judge tho, we did in fact live in the same apartments but whatever. After I get me a few shots in me I’m ready to play whatever, DARE! I WAN DARE!

We’re about 15 minutes into the game and DJ ask for a truth, Mauni proceeds by saying…. “Is it true that you fucked another girl in this room not including ya girlfriend? Oh and everybody feel free to call DJ bluff if you know good! Hahaha!” What the fuck, ok bitch now I’m ready to fight you! But lemme watch him first. What’s up DJ what the fuck this bitch know that I don’t.. I watch him. Very calmly DJ replied “That’s not true baby girl.” Mauni responds with “I’m callin bluff cause the birds are chirping bruh hahaha!” As I cleared my throat first then stood up I said” Well it’s only lookin like there’s one lil flamingo in the room so what’s up babygirl? What you sayin? What you know?” DJ interrupted “Tiny don’t pay her ass no mind she don’t know shit!” I turned to him “You can shut the fuck up until I finish with her!” Mauni then spoke up ” But what your not going to do is disrespect me in my house, you should be checkin ya man mami!” Long story short I whooped that bitches ass. Pulled out my razor blade. What? She asked for it! 20 minutes later Porsche cussing me out as were walking swift as hell back to her place with Elijah before any pigs came. Where the fuck is DJ and Lincoln tho?

I call DJ phone and it picks up but he not responding. I run into the bathroom to hear a little better and I here DJ’s voice. I also hear someone else but they’re whispering so it’s hard to hear who or what they are saying. Then I hear DJ say “Look shawty, if we gon do this we gon do it right! I’m not having u disrespect my girl at all. You will never be number one. You knew what this was from jump, just sex! So if u fishing for more than that from me then you fishing in the wrong muthafuckin pond. Seeing you move around here was a good ass feeling I ain’t gon lie. I haven’t seen since u moved away when we were kids but look, I got a girl now. Tiny my girl, yea I fuck u from time to time but she ain’t going nowhere!…” I hung up.

I could have reacted in so many different ways yet I kept calm and I reflected on us. I went home later on that night and I thought about all I’ve been through with him and I replayed what he said on the phone over and over in my head. I have to think smart about this. He loves the shit out of me yet he’s playing me behind my back. I think I’ll steal the ball from him and takeover this game. College is next fall, he’s already been accepted into UCLA and UCONN and Duke. What should I do? Chances are if he’s doing this in high school than he’s bound to play me in college. I’m going to fuck up his flow a little bit and get pregnant. He’s my man and I’d be damned if one of those college bitches get they hands on DJ and those NBA checks he gon be getting. Shit the pain will be all over once the money start flowing in. I see how these basketball wives work, everybody needs a game plan out of the hood….. This is mine. Lemme call my man.

-Sandrea Lanay


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