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I use to be such a procrastinator, but then I changed. I learned how to be stable and how to create a line of order. Lately, I’ve been sliding on thin ice across the lines of both. It’s strikingly more disappointing now because I know right from wrong. Over the past few weeks I’ve gained more readers. Hello! Lol. I really love speaking to you about my work and listening to how inspiring not I but my work can be to someone. Great. Ok now back to my point.

As I type, today is Thursday, January 15, 2015, 15 days within the New Year. It seems like so much longer! Oh my God! This will be a busy year for me. I’ve started the process of re-enrolling back into College, I’m also working on another relocation project at my full time job (I’m going going back back to Cali Cali). Also, one of my goals are to enroll in at least two creative arts classes this year. This specific goal is what’s been holding me back from writing. It’s making me doubt myself terribly. I can’t believe how little it’s making me feel about my work!

So concluding my research for creating writing classes/schools, I finally chose a school that struck my interest. At this school they have scholarships just like any other school. When I initially read the submission requirements they scared the crap out of me. I’ve had writers block for two weeks now. What I have literally 2 seconds ago decided was that I have to personally visit the school and meet with a few people before throwing together a submission packet. At first I was just going to dive in head first but this is money and my future on the line, I need to stop moving so fast, feel out the place and then proceed.

This post is really just an update on my year thus far. I also wanted to give a little bit of real life to those who are feeling like they haven’t quite lifted off this year, its coming trust me. Just remember, it will almost always be harder to stand still than to move on. Right there right now you have nothing to lose…. why stay where you are? Why not shoot for your dreams? You don’t know where to start? Google it. Just like you can update yourself on your Instagram and Facebook timeline, you also can take 30 minutes to an hour out of your day to research some great people who are doing what you dream of doing. Study how they’ve gotten to where you want to be, and teach yourself how to do it better. Create your own angle on life. It’s so much easier said than done but look at them, it defiantly can be done…. So do it. If you haven’t genuinely heard this in a while, I love you. Stay true.

– Sandrea Lanay


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