A Love Story.

Blog | December 19, 2014 | By

loveThere was one time in my life where time stopped and love conquered all. When waking up was such a joy, opening my eyes looking directly at my completion of life. This is a love story…

Meeting him was not an automatic love at first sight and dream come true, it took natural hard work and genuine dedication. The compatibility we share is unstoppable and in the beginning it drew us together like magnets. We started out gradually learning each other’s ways; our likes, dislikes, limits, fears, goals and dreams. We were changing before we even noticed it, we grew into an intellectual team destine to make each other happily ever after.

I love how the presence of you bring my energy level to cloud 9. How sometimes when we converse, the entire world freezes and all that matters is you….

Love is a profoundly tender, passionate affection for someone. You and I define love. My King, your Queen, and forever we’ll be inseparable. We were made for one another. You and I together forever…. I love you.


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