I’m Such A Foodie!

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Shrimp and GritsSo, Papi was the only man I’ve ever dated that understood my love for food. I mean I’m sure he didn’t fully get it, he just knew that I was always hungry…. Which was pretty true. Lol

As I’ve been enjoying this single life of living alone in a City where everything is in arms reach, I’ve found myself experimenting in the kitchen a lot more lately. Prepping myself on how to trap a man from the 99 into the 2015 with a meal. Kidding but not kidding, I’m so proud of myself to have introduced so many vegetables into my diet that one couldn’t get me to even taste before. I now eat simple things like peppers and onions and I can sautéed the hell out of some too. I’m just so happy that majority of my kitchen creations actually look and taste good! I got so comfortable in the kitchen that I even considered Culinary Arts School until I researched and saw that tuition cost ready to give me more gray hairs!

So what’s next? I can’t afford Culinary Arts School, I have an eye for artistic creativity, I love to write, I love to eat…. Hmmm eat, write, eat, and write, a fucking food critic!

Do you sometimes ever think to yourself, “If that was a snake, if would’ve defiantly bit me”? When ideas are staring you right in your face, yet you drag yourself so helplessly looking for answers around the Mulberry Bush, just to end up where you began with all of your answers lying at your feet. It’s ok, because as you drug yourself around and around you gained so much more wisdom and knowledge than before.

I need to conduct a series of research on how to make these newfound dreams of becoming a Food Criitc into reality. I’m sure I’d need a portfolio (www.sandrealanay.com) duhh… which I’ll need to tweak here and there. I defiantly need to become more familiar with the Restaurant Industry, Famous Chefs, Cookbooks, Culinary Vocabulary, Networking, Submitting Yelp Reviews, and maybe I’ll even start getting invited to grand openings. Ahh maybe not, most food critics are anonymous. I don’t know yet but I do know that I’m serious about this and there is absolutely NOTHING I can’t do. I’m working on 2015 now.

-Sandrea Lanay




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