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AriesAm I the only one who’s a believer within Astrology? I mean I’m not OC crazy with it but I believe in Zodiac Signs and Zodiac Sign compatibility. Actually, I think Beyoncé does as well. “I was in love with a Sagittarius (Jay Z), he blew my mind. He also had a flip side…. Too much like a Gemini. He was freaky like a Taurus, the way he handled me yeaaaa… flirtatious like an Aries which sign is best for me?” – Signs by Beyoncé.   

 I’ve dated all types of signs, well not a lot… just enough. My high school sweetheart and my last guy were both Cancers. I guess you can say that was my thing, but defiantly not my favorite. Cancers are super sweet and completely genuine with every word that comes out of their mouths…… but I honestly believe Cancers are born with problems; they really cannot help the confusion of life that sits inside of them. I also messed around with an Aries, which is my same sign. It was all good in the beginning, something changed the era of where things were going and it crashed badly. I asked you guys what were your favorite Zodiac Signs to date and your answers were great! They really helped my creative juices flow. You guys really knew your favorite off back. I don’t know why deciding my favorite was such a struggle so I did a little research back down memory lane. I picked the top 5 guys I’ve dated and researched our zodiac love compatibility. I fascination with astrology grew even deeper! 

 I met a Pisces years ago who I fell in love with; turns out I was the only one in love. You want to hear something funny. I can’t get rid of him now. He still calls, he text, and does pop ups when I come around. I’ve changed my number in the past yet he somehow still finds it, the man in love with me….. But now he’s the only one in love. Pisces are very sneaky. I’d never trust one again. 

 I dated a Virgo who I thought I was in love with, came to find out I was just hurting and looking for love all for the wrong reasons. Our bond we shared was tough, we did everything together. Virgo’s are the most gentle, and caring men. They love hard but my issues with Virgos are, it’s a little hard for them to understand reality. They dream so big but some forget to evaluate themselves before determining their wants. Actually a lot of you all stated Virgo’s were your favorite! Not mine, lol.

What’s come close to my favorite is Taurus. I really enjoy the company of a mean ass Taurus because the sex is amazing. I draw amazing chemistry with Taurus, there’s never a dual moment in the life we share but I will never be on the same level of life with a Taurus. I’m more profound in decision making whereas Taurus rather sit and think about it before deciding the next move. I have patience but I don’t have an eternity for decision making. I take chances and educated decisions but they’re not too comfy with that. Both of us will never forget the past but Taurus will dwell on it frequently. We share the wants of stability in life but we lack a lot of compromise and that’s where we’ll forever lose. 

Below, I’ve totaled up your answers and we’ll see what majority ruled for the best Zodiac Sign to date.

Libra- 1
Virgo- 4
Cancer- 4
Capricorn- 3
Taurus- 2
Aquarius- 2
Leo- 1
Scorpio- 4
Aries- 1
Sagittarius- 1

A lot of ties! A lot of you guys said Taurus never like to settle down and you can’t trust Sagittarius because they cheat lol… Virgos got the most praise, all positives. You love the attitudes of Scorpios and their ways of life and the compassion that all Cancers hold. Digging through the World Wide Web, I noticed my strong compatibility with Sagittarius. Coincidently with life…. a Sag has defiantly been lingering around recently. He’s cool. I won’t say too much, I’m trying this new thing. Lol Later!

 ~Thanks for reading guys!~


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    November 3, 2014

    Hi there, just wanted to tell you, I loved this blog post.
    It was funny. Keep on posting!

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