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Every time I meet a new guy I always ask Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Some of the answers I get are very generic, some are solely selfish, and some are just clueless to life. I never judge any man on the answer that’s provided when I ask, but I will say it helps me get a better understanding of if we’re compatible. Now that I’m single, the dating game is so different than before. I was younger of course. Now these boys have grown into men, more mature, finding their nitch or are settling down getting use to their stable lifestyle….. But then you have those few who still choose to be thotties, or unstable and too comfortable living a dependent lifestyle. Needless to say those are the ones who have no chance on catching my bus.

Last night I had a Skype date with a guy I shall name Mr.Sagittarius. I asked him where did he see himself in 5 years and his answer inspired me to write today. First, I truly adore a man who inspires me. It’s very refreshing to not have to be the motivator of another person’s world and to have someone unknowingly motivate me to do what I love…. Which is expressing my current state of mind on print. Mr.Sagittarius is super new so I’ll leave the subject of him for another blog, but I will speak on when I thought about where I’d like to see myself in 5 years.

Of course I want to live happily ever after. Professionally, I want to evolve in the writers world. I’d love to be married with children, as many as we can afford at the time, in a multi-family home with a family car in addition to our two individual cars in our three car garage. I don’t want a big wedding, something intimate and small; I’d love to getaway and have our close family and friends down for the weekend to watch us join souls forever. However, I do want a big reception that will be tremendously turned up to the max. Open bar, no children allowed, party all night long, shuttle leaves at 10pm to take all the seniors back to their destination cars or hotel rooms. I want my reception to be the best introduction to my new married life…..see all of this brings such great spirits to my heart but then it saddens me that I look upon it as a fairy tale and not reality.

I’ve gained some new feelings about life on this Self-Love journey. Honestly, I cannot wait to fall in love again. I love being loved. I love to love. I am a true loyal woman who admires a true and loyal African American man. I love all aspects of our black men, there senseless humor, style and grace, and how when they love they love hard. I can’t wait to meet the man of my dreams, the man who will forever cherish me as his Queen and I will forever respect him as my King. I’m also looking forward to procreation. I’ve been dodging that train for a while now but I think I’m finally ready to step up to the plate and create a beautiful little brown skin baby girl that looks exactly like me. Why does she have to look like me you ask? Lol well because I can already see her, we’ve met before in my dreams. She’s awesome, a mini version of me. She will be so much livelier than I am, much more ambitious, ready to tackle life as it comes for her. She will make her parents truly proud but especially her mother. Me.

So to sum things up, I can positively say… In this new chapter of my Self-Love journey I will be focusing on making dreams come to reality. Life is but a dream but dreams do come true.


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