Advice from Daddy

Blog | July 9, 2014 | By

daddys girlIt took me to grow up into a young adult to turn into a true daddy’s girl. I never understood him growing up because he moved around so much. He was always in my life but I was naturally just attached to my mother and grandmother as a young girl.

Today, my dad and I are inseperable. We talk daily and have the best discussion on life lessons. Whenever I need a pick me up I know I can count on him to give me some advice on lifes obstacles. We’ve argued and fought over the years but looking back I wouldn’t have changed anything. I’m so thankful for being blessed with such an amazing man to call my father. I admire his wisdom so much and I’m honored to have such greatness flowing through my blood.

“If you don’t act on your thoughts, you’ll lose them…”
– Richard Briscoe


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