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I have my ultimate dream guy in my head and I’m sure he exist somewhere out here in the world. I’ll be sharing with you my descriptive dream guy and then after your done visualizing my dream I’d like you to comment below and describe your dream guy or girl!

So I’ve been told that I have a type, I’m into dark meat. Excuse my language I’m into dark skin men. Short and tall, I’ve never had a preference on height because I’m a shorty my damn self. Body type is no preference of mine, as long as he’s healthy. Clean cuts always win but a nice, stable, full beard will do everything you’ve ever asked for in life. That was me being dramatic lol. I also love a man with style! As I type I’m starting to give y’all my type but that’s not what this is so let me describe my dream guy because surprisingly he’s not my typical type.

This guy I dream oh so about is a light caramel complexion, tall, muscular man who will always keep me dazed because of his versatility. Sometimes I picture him with a clean cut, a fade with a nice long full beard. Sometimes his face is trimmed low. His eyebrows are perfectly naturally arched. His teeth are so white, pretty and straight with a sexy yet not too smooth voice. His style changes with every season, his excuse could never be he can’t come because he doesn’t have an appropriate apparel. He’s so much about his business, making his coins while chasing his dreams and fulfilling his destiny. He’s a God fearing man that prays for and with me. This man sounds amazing right? Lol and I’m not even finished. May I also mention that he a spontaneous man who loves to create surprises just like myself. My absolute favorite part about him is… he says exactly what he feels and he’s not afraid to show me. He never makes me feel unloved, irrelevant, none of that. When I’m with him nothing could ever go wrong. In my dreams.

So! That’s my dreamy guy. Now I wanna hear about your dream guy or girl! Comment below!



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    May 5, 2014

    Dream guy…..hmmm. He must be of average height. Possibly 5″9,5″11 and a body build of “fit”. Teeth are a big deal to me so his teeth would be perfect and sparkly white. Also eyes catch me, I need your eyes to be able to suck me in when I’m gazing into your eyes. Either they are a color other then dar-dark brown or they are a perfectly portioned shape aligned with his eyebrows. His skin would be DARKSKIN or a smooth mocha color a little darker then myself. Beards are a turn on and his hair doesn’t really matter the style just as long as it’s clean.
    Now enough about appearance. He must be able to make me feel special by means that I didn’t knew made me special. He would know how to listen and have conversations about anything. He MUST sing to me at night and he must be a photographer. I always dream of being with a photographer so he can capture all moments and make them a masterpiece. He must love doing activities I like doing….drinking…partying…chillin..*cough*.. I love a guy who can walk into any room and be the center of attention, make people laugh and take charge of a room (when applicable lol) Something about that just turns me on. Being just experimental as I am is another must wither its camping in the woods, or driving to somewhere far for no reason at all. Another trait is that he must have goals in life, always trying his hardest and best at everything he does…just like me. And last but never the least he must be a God fearing man, not a man who fears man.

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