April Babies.

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I just turned 25. I will now start to lie. Lls seriously tho.

I share the month of April with some special ppl in my life! Let’s start off by wishing my grandfather(rip) a happy birthday! He started the month off… Then following him is my uncle Lil Man(rip)… May you both continue to rest peacefully can’t keep these demonic men away from me! Shortly after them is the great Sandrea Lanay! I was celebrating for myself as well as both of them! I made sure lol so sure that I recorded it. So my next blog will actually be a vlog of how I celebrated my birthday. This should be very interesting seeing how this day in the life will go lol. Stay tuned beautiful people.

Happy birthday to my sister Samira, cousins Shawn, A’seante(sp), Elmo and Kenny….and my best friend Bubbles who I share 4/17 with! Love you all sooooo much!




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