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Everyone loves a good love story. We’ll let me just begin by saying this will not be a love story. Lol It’s just a story that I now feel comfortable with sharing now that I’m single.

So last year I “formally” met this guy thru someone mutual. I vaguely remember meeting him prior to last year but I’m positive we were in the same settings plenty of times before. Moving forward, so I heard thru our mutual friend that he wanted me to call him. Me thinking off break, I couldn’t possibly be interested because I was in a relationship and I never want to be labeled as the cheater. I guess I can’t really dodge the title now that I think about it. Although I didn’t technically cheat, I did take his number, I did have some sort of interest and I did text. Things had been really rocky in my relationship and I knew exactly where it was headed and honestly at that point I just didn’t have anymore fight left in me to save it.

So I texted him one night, finding out how soooooo crazy scary similar we are. From the ways we thought to the types of foods we loved. Birthdays are 3 days apart. It’s crazy. It was something I defiantly wasn’t use to because my boyfriend and I we’re complete opposites. We didn’t have shit in common, nothing but coffee. lol so I told him I had a boyfriend during our first conversation but conveniently my boyfriend called a quits to our relationship very soon after. Probably like within days. When we broke up it weirdly didn’t effect me because I had grown interest in someone else who actually listened to me. Someone that I could actually relate too. This new guy who was super chilled, never held anything back, truly a nice person…. Well at least he was nice to me. I heard around that he had a mean streak in him but that side was never shown to me. We started to converse on an everyday type of status, we hung out, we dated, well we didn’t “date” we went on dates, maybe just one lol but we enjoyed each other’s company, and he had good sex which is always a win. It was nothing too serious yet we kept each others full attention. I started to like him a lot but I never told him about my break up nor did I express these new found feelings for him. It was just way too soon to be interested in anybody, point blank.

I’m sitting here trying to figure out we’re things went rocky. How do you go from talking to someone all thru out your day and then slowly but surely it came to a complete stop. One day I texted him because I missed him. Why did I get that good ole “who is this” response back. Lol I instantly was in my feelings so I did what any normal person would do and didn’t reply. He then texted me saying he got a new phone, I waited until the next day when I was no longer feeling salty and texted him back telling him it was me, but guess what, he never texted me back! So I took it as fuck a new phone, this man deleted my number and cut me off. He must have gotten involved with someone else now. Lol I let it go, remember this all was happening so fast that I couldn’t possibly be upset or in my feelings. I was but I let it go.

I believe almost 6 months went by, I disappeared, rekindled my relationship with Boss and was back and stronger than ever. Well, at least I thought we were…. but any who one day I was talking to my sister and she had told me that someone was looking for me. I instantly got so mad! Lol bad timing! I didn’t want to fuck things up with my current relationship but I was interested in finding out what the fuck happened! Then our mutual friend found me and told me the same thing my sister said…. So I gave in and contacted him, we had a nice conversation until I was given an ultimatum. He told me ” once your mine your always mine so either he’s going to have to share if that’s the type of games y’all wanna play” wait what? Lol what games? Defiantly didn’t want to sign up for a boyfriend #2. I then explained to him that when we previously “talked” I wasn’t in a relationship the entire time, no games were being played on my side. From day 1 he made that decision when he asked me not to talk about “the boyfriend” because he had no comment, it wasn’t his place. Which I loved! I hate when guys tell you anything about you situation just to make them look like that guy that’s doing everything your man ain’t. But by our second convo, that relationship had come to an end. It was a little weird to have to put everything on the table now that all these months had past, I was honest and upfront about how I felt and explained that he was so oblivious to the situation I was or wasn’t in because he didn’t ask enough questions. He accepted that position without it even being an option in my life, I’m only made for one person at a time. I felt good getting everything off my chest during that entire conversation.

Life works so fucking crazy! I was in a relationship with a man I loved and hated at the same time. We were beginning to seriously think about our future, moving, having a kid, the whole 9. Then one day he woke up in the middle of our life journey and decided that’s not what he wanted anymore, but that’s a different topic for a different day.

So as I’m struggling with this new heartbreak came the month of April. My birthday month, his birthday month too remember, so I hit him up and we’ve been short conversing for the past two weeks. This is one guy I can’t predict. I do know that he has way too much on his plate for my ass. If I fuck with you I’m a wanna go the long way. That’s just me. I like him but this just may be it, the end. Or not! Who knows…. Only time, good sex, smiles, and stability shall tell. Lol later beautiful people!



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