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So the other day I was talking to a close family friend. She was discussing how she was about to start on a paper for class titled Life without Music. That instantly sparked my inspiration walls. I started to think about how powerful and moving music influences life for me alone and I wondered if others felt the same way so I started a survey. I asked 6 people, 3 of them being local rap artist, what Life without music meant to them. When speaking to Terri, she explained how music is therapeutic for her and how the lyrics can be inspirational and moving on so many levels. I completely agree. Here are some of the responses I received from my good people…

“Life without music is like a person with no soul or emotions. Music helps bring a sense of calmness when the madness comes. It helps you celebrate when victory arrives. Life without music in my eyes would be senseless and unlivable. Some people say money makes the world go around. I say it’s the music.”

Mr.5858s (Spillgang)

“Music does something that nothing else can do to you. It links to your soul when you hear tones, sounds, instruments and words that create an image of your emotions. Without music certain moments would never occur. Certain feelings would never be explained. Without music there’s no coordination of movements you FEEL when the first beat of music taps a person’s eardrums.”

Diamond Mijoy

“For me music is life! Without it there is none, just a mere state of existing.”

-Twann (Puffy Pocket Boys)

“Life without music is a mistake. It’s almost like having a closet full of gloves but your hands were cut off at birth. Makes no sense right? Music is more than just words to songs or performed by someone, it’s a form of communication. Lives have been transformed from a simple lyric. Marriages have begun thanks to music and that first dance we all want to take. Name a time in your life where music hasn’t pulled you thru, I’ll wait….”

Tamora Parker

“Music is a vital part of life for me. There is a music/song for every reason and season. Music can lift you up, bring you down, motivate and irritate. Music is life. Music to me is a being in itself. We thrive off music and it thrives off us. Life without music wouldn’t be life to me. It would be bland and grey days you just live thru when on the other hand with music you can turn a bland and grey day into whatever you want it to be. Music means life to me. I can go on for days but, to sum it up, it means life to me.”

ML (Puffy Pocket Boys)

So that pretty much sums it up. Music is everything to a lot of us. Music influences our daily lifestyles, no matter what style, genre, tempo or pitch, when it comes out of those speakers it just puts us in that zone of freedom away from all the trouble, pain, heartache, issues, warfare, whatever. Music is the fix of life.

Dedicated to Terri Ford



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