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This journey with you has been a very uprising experience. When we’re good, we’re amazing, and when we’re bad, we’re catastrophic… I’ve learned over the past few years how much of a spiteful person you are and how I’m playing with fire trying to create a successful life with you. I believe that somewhere in your heart you want to be all you can be, you want to show me that you can make me happy, and your trying, but sometimes I get the short end of the stick.

I sometimes watch your actions and how you handle certain situations, I invite you to events because I want you to attend them with me of course but also because I’m testing your change. You lead me to believe that we’re showing some progress but then towards the climax you come right back down again to the beginning leaving me hanging.

No one said this shit would be easy, but no one said it was be this complicated either! You’d think the older you got the easier it gets, I think the older you get, the more damaged people get and the harder it is the find a spot to reside in some ones heart. My situation is far from perfect, its not even perfect in my eyes but I’m working my ass off to improve, clean and pretty this thing up so that we can live happily ever after.


1. (Females only) Date a guy with no children, this will eliminate 85% of the issues he possess as a man. I say females only because I’ve noticed over the past years that all the eligible single women I know with children have grown into real women. SOMETIMES children can change a females perspective on life itself and make her perfect for the compatible male.

2. Don’t date over 2 people at the same time. Why? It’s time consuming and expensive! Younger males pretty much have nothing to lose but at the same time if they want to continue to date 5 and 7 females at the same time they really aren’t getting to know these women and its nothing serious producing out of them. Women… you just shouldn’t, its just messy.

3. Network!!! Most times with the average fulltime working women, its not as easy for her to get out and meet guys. Then when that average fulltime working male gets out with his friends on the weekends he’s already half drunk once females get to the bar. I’m not saying it doesn’t work! Network with your friends, coworkers, family; everyone has a single friend. Have a gathering at your house, every person you invite has to bring a compatible, head strong single friend. Try it!

4. (Males Only) Its only right that I have a rule for males since I had one devoted to my females. Males! Learn how to communicate with these women!!!! I can not preach this shit enough! A lot of males magically believe us females have this extra-terrestrial power to read in between the lines. What lines you may ask?? I don’t fucking know but guys you have to quit this ASAP! If you like her tell her, if you love her tell her, if whatever she just said rubbed you the wrong way, tell her. Its a pretty simple rule if I say so myself.


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