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So I came across Alison Carney one day last year when I attended an album release party with my best friend. I instantly noticed her because she was rocking the cutest platform wedges. I didn’t know she was an artist until she hit the stage performing one of her singles Japanese Candy, blowing everyone away!
Alison Carney, a DC up and coming artist with a funky style and an amazing voice. She produces such raw talent or in her words HONEST music and the best part about her performances is how her bubbly personality shines super bright through every song she sings.
Again if you read my blogs you know how much I love supporting artist bred from DC. We have to support each other! She’s another artist that I’d love to meet and maybe work with one day. So with that being said check out her website and download her album alisonWonderland at

This video is super funky and cute! One of my favs from her. ENJOY!


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