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Everybody’s always so stiff when sex comes up in conversations. Well not me, I actually would love to share my greatest sex experience. As I type I can think of many great sex experiences so I guess I’ll share the first time I experienced an orgasm. 

I met him the morning I was on my way to school to take my SAT test. I remember because I could tell he was much older than me and very persistent. I gave in and gave him my number. He had then offered to pick me up and take me home after the test was over. Shit I was game! 

Over the next few weeks we were talking and hanging so tough. One day he asked me to stay the night with him. In my head I thought “I need a good bang!” so again, I was game! He picked me up from from my house later on that evening. I had made up some lie telling my mother I was crashing at my best friends house. So we grabbed some food and then went back to his house. We did the usual, popped in a movie and spooned for a movie in a half before the show went down. 

He started by slowly attacking my neck with his powerful tongue and skillful lips. Immediately my shit said READY. Instant wetness! He undressed me from head to toe, kissing every inch of my body. I wasn’t use to this type of attention. I mean, guys my age just got straight to the point so for me this was all brand new. After he got me naked and covered with his kisses his head dove in my cookie. His tongue swam so determined like it was in search for nice hearty meal. My eyes rolled in the back my head, his head was amazing. I felt this urge coming, this sensation creeping up on me, I had never felt this feeling before but whatever his tongue was doing I wanted it to continue faster and harder. Finally I felt and explosion between my legs. I instantly feel in love with his tongue. This cookie monster was amazing!

After he drank all of my milk he slithered up on top of me and began to stroke so passionately. His strokes were so deep but yet so gentle that all I could do was close my eyes and picture paradise. Then it happened again, I exploded and the feeling was mutual. I never knew that two people could climax at the same time. I thought it only happened in movies but that night I guess you could say we starred in our own major film. I rolled over and slept like a baby. 

Too bad I couldn’t keep him around. He wanted to wife me and I was maybe 17. I had to step off and leave him to serve just as one of my greatest memories……. and that he is. Image


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