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Some people were born to die in New York City! I am a Washington DC city girl but I’d die for a chance to live and die in New York City.

Waking up at 8:00 am to shower while my coffee is brewing. Only to leave my perfectly suited studio apartment to grab the latest edition of Vogue and Urban Ink and to walk my fat, chubby english bulldog named Teddy. We’d walk around the neighborhood speaking to the Mrs. Hernandez as she walks her gorgeous daughter to school every morning. Listening to the busy streets of people talking, cabs honking, and feet walking. Smelling the city air, taking in my surroundings thanking God for my life.

As we walk back to our place, heading into the elevator, I’m picking out my wardrobe of the day in my head. As soon as we get back, its crunch time. The juices are flowing, the laptop is open, and the Iphone is ringing. A multi-tasking woman, I am she! Working on my latest blog from the opening of the new club on West 29th, on the phone with my connects for some pieces that I will need to be delivered to the photo shoot I’m styling at 12:00 pm.

Its now 11:00 am and I’m out the door! Ramona(a native New Yorker) just called, she wants to do dinner tonight. I have passes to attend the opening night of a casual lounge in Manhattan. She’ll meet me there at 7:00 pm. After dinner Josh(my lucky guy) will meet me at a bar a block from my place…. how convenient!

The day and the life of Sandrea Lanay, the personal stylist, blogger, fashionista, and social lite of the new New York City….

And I then I woke up.Image


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