Independence Day

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“Independence Day means so much more than past history and wars. It gave me a realization of how I need no man that will lie to me, deceive, and put another woman before me………”
– Piink Prada
July 4th, 2009


Can one woman search and actually find love and purpose in this world…..hmph. I waste my life time and time again fooling around with these guys who are stuck in quicksand. They once were at the top just like everyone else but made one mistake that had its faults that are bringing them down inch by inch. They get weaker and weaker mentally, emotionally, and financially. Not knowing how to handle a lot at once but won’t admit it because the testosterone won’t let them. You want to be that companion, that partner that wants to help them succeed in anything they want to do but they’re so damaged and so broken that they fuck up and take relentless actions that sets you both in a still position. You then feel confused because you, just like me, I ask over and over, what do they want, and what can you do to help them. When in all realization, you have to help yourself before you can help others and more importantly they have to want the help. They have to want to progress with you. They can’t say one thing and there actions show different. Time is money.


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