From Boyfriend to Bestfriend

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He calls it a Relafriendship. Sounds catchy right? Yea not! I don’t understand how he thinks its perfectly normal and even perhaps okay to be friends after a recent off and on relationship of 4 years. We ended things almost 4 months ago… seems like yesterday. I mean hey… maybe I don’t see the logic because I still love this guy very much! I don’t think its impossible but its not very common lovers can become friends without crossing the best friend line. How can you hang out and double date with someone who use to be your date? How can you get sex and relationship advice from someone who you previously had sex and a relationship with? I feel like by him wanting to befriend me he has a motive. Maybe he feels like by putting his self back in the friend zone he can win back trust and maybe build a stronger bond with me just in case we wanted to try the relationship thing again. I don’t want to think that way because I don’t want to get my hopes up. Although my life seems like a movie I always have to bring myself back to reality. 

I think a break up should be All or Nothing. Simple as that. This in between option shouldn’t be allowed. It creates a distraction from future potential candidates. You will continue to compare and contrast the two guys/girls and the door of the ex may be closed but your keeping it unlocked because in your subconscious. What if is always lingering around waiting to be used as a possibility. 

Most people want relationships where they become best friends and turn into lovers. We are playing this whole thing backwards which leaves me clueless of the ending results.

My predictions are: 

  • This friendship will be temporary, someone will find love and their love won’t feel comfortable or secure about the friendship between the exes. 


  • Friendship lines will be crossed and that maybe for the good or bad.


Both endings don’t seem too promising… sad part is I’m going to try this relafriendship thing just because life is about taking chances and making mistakes!



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