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Blog | January 15, 2013 | By

The other day I woke up from an amazing dream. In this dream I was a very successful swimwear designer. Every since that dream, I’ve been completely inspired. I’ve sketched out about 2-5 pieces a day. 

I begged Boss to invest in my craft and buy me a sewing machine so that I could make some of these pieces come to life. Here’s the thing…. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO SEW! It’s super hard!!!! I’ve watched the video and I’ve tried to thread the machine just like in the picture directions and for some odd reason I can’t get it. I was only successful one time. I made a pair of harem pants. They were too cute, non-wearable but totally adorable. I made a few mistakes, one being I picked a material that didn’t have spandex, two being I didn’t measure the body correctly to fit the pants… I thought I did but there was some wrong communication with my measurements and with the garment. Anywho…

I have to get this sewing technique down to business, my sketches are great and this may be a real money making deal for me!



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